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Just completed a World War II trivia game for Apple TV

Test your knowledge of WWII in the most exciting and innovative manner that you've ever experienced. Learn about the Pacific, the Americas, the war in Europe and even the Holocaust. Discover the causes of the war and the leaders that influenced a series of events that changed history as we know it!

Experience the Greatest Generation like you never have before and download this app ideal for mature kids and older today!


Bachelor of Arts, Louisiana State University
XCode / Objective C / iPhone SDK
Android SDK
Certified PHP and MySQL Developer
Certified Adobe Flash Designer
A+ Certified Technician
Novell Certified Web Designer
Novell Certified Internet Business Strategist
Adobe Design Suite
Angular JS
UI Design
API Integration

In the News

New Audi cars can tell you when traffic lights will turn green

Starting this autumn, when you're stopped at some traffic lights, new Audi Q7 and A4 cars will show a real-time time-to-green-light countdown on the driver's information cluster. Now you'll know exactly when to start revving like a hooligan.

The tech, which Audi has imaginatively dubbed the Traffic Light Information System, receives traffic light timing data via the car's cellular modem. In this case, rather than getting the data directly from nearby traffic lights, the data is being broadcast by some kind of city-wide traffic management system.
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- Halliburton Energy Services
- Adams and Reese LLP
- The National WWII Museum
- Ochsner Health System
- New Orleans Regional Chamber of Commerce

iPhone Apps

Bayou Duck Hunter
Cat vs Raccoon
Chicken in Space
Mike's Unofficial Nola Guide
Bayou Swamp Shooter
Civil War Extreme Trivia
Vampire Bat Spat
Lost Recipes
Codename: Trivia WW2
Matthew Verse Resource
Civil War Shake & Tilt Wallpaper
WWII Photo Journey
Revolutionary War Wallpaper
Mike's Movie & Concert Guide
Spelling MVP: Football Edition
Drive Fore Show
Houston Relocation & Visitor Guide
Operation Destroy UFO
Car and Truck Facts with Trivia

Android Apps

Bayou Duck Hunter
Car and Truck Facts with Trivia
Civil War Extreme Trivia
Codename: Trivia WW2
Mike's Movie & Concert Guide
Mike's Unofficial Nola Guide
Spelling MVP: Football Edition

Tablet / Apple TV Apps

WWII Photo Journey HD
Civil War Shake & Tilt Wallpaper HD

Cat vs Raccoon HD